Welcome to the Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee (LEAARC). LEAARC reviews and grants formal recognition to education programs in lactation. LEAARC recognition is a formal, non-governmental, peer-review process of voluntary self evaluation. The integrity and good faith of the program, its administration, faculty, and students are essential to the evaluative process. LEAARC honors a diversity of educational models such as distance education, self-paced programs, programs within large and small institutions, college-based programs and those that are not-for-profit and for-profit. Programs recognized by LEAARC are the leaders in the field of lactation education. Students are assured that these programs cover essential topics and skills, have a qualified faculty, and portray themselves honestly in their advertising.

LEAARC either provides Approval of an individual course or formulates recommendations to CAAHEP for Accreditation of an academic program. Both distinctions provide a reliable indicator of educational quality to employers, insurers, counselors, educators, governmental officials, and the public, based on adherence to established criteria and standards of the profession.

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LEAARC Approval of my Breastfeeding Specialist Course was granted in Sept 2010, in time for the December publicity for my next course which began in May 2011. I noticed a real increase in uptake for the course. LEAARC Approval has certainly impressed my potential students!  My London venue would not take all who were interested so I ran in Chatham, Kent as well. Plus the NHS health trust in Staffordshire were so keen to have their staff do a LEAARC Approved course that they changed their original request for just certain study days to the course instead. May 2013 saw a similar arrangement with NHS Devon. I am now turning down other offers to host the course as I have more work than I can handle since gaining LEAARC Approval!

Deborah Robertson, IBCLC